Meet Jenn

Life doesn't stop changing. My job is to help you press pause and immortalize the things that will be gone tomorrow.


Hi, I'm Jenn

You are likely aware that I enjoy photography, so I'm going to skip that part for both of our sakes and get to the good stuff.

Image by the talented Cara Jane Photographics


I am a...

  1. MOM TO TWO KIDS. They are 3 and 2 years old. Life is awesome and hectic.
  2. WIFE to my husband who is the real deal. He's loyal, calm, motivated, hates having his picture taken, and smart as hell.
  3. REGISTERED NURSE. So the good news is, I'm really good at applying band-aids if you get scratched during our photoshoot.
  4. CAFFEINE ADDICT. I can do almost anything with a coffee in my hand. It's one of my hidden talents.
Jenn Pagnucco Photography
Jenn Pagnucco Photography

I am drawn to...

  • Connection over perfection
  • Time outside (as long as there is running water near by)
  • Real honest conversations
  • Laid back people with a good sense of humour
  • Food...all of it
Jenn Pagnucco Photography

I am...

So incredibly awkward in front of the camera.

Jenn Pagnucco Photography

I am...

A believer in self love. 

Let's just skip the formalities and stop focusing on all the things we hate about ourselves in photos.

Trust me when I say that your friends, family, KIDS don't see an ounce of that. You are worthy no matter your weight, wrinkles, hair colour, clothing, amount of makeup on your face, etc. I could go on, but there wouldn't be anything else on my webpage.

It's ok if you're not where you want to be. The funny thing about time is that is goes by really quickly and before you know it, years will pass where all you did was avoid the camera. This is who you are right now in this moment, and I'm willing to put a bet on the fact that you're actually pretty amazing.

Parents, you owe it to your kids to be in photos. Pictures are a running document of their childhood. Let's capture the amount of crazy love you have for them.

Jenn Pagnucco Photography

I've been photographing weddings since 2011 and families well before that. 


I would love to be a part of your life if you'll have me.

Images by the talented Cara Jane Photographics