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You've booked your what?

This is a busy time in your life and I want your session to be something you look back on fondly. I've created this guide to help you feel prepared and so that your session runs smoothly.

My aim with lifestyle photography is always to capture honest pictures of your family as you are in this moment. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will be with you throughout the entirety of the shoot (diaper changes, feeding, getting the kids ready, etc) capturing your life.

I'm a mom. I get the chaos that can be life sometimes. I also know that time passes quickly and memories fade fast. I want to immortalize this time for you so that you can look back and remember that "oh yeah, this is exactly what life was like then".

Check out my NEWBORN GALLERY and FAMILY FILM GALLERY for inspiration for your session.

Jenn Pagnucco Photography Edmonton Newborn Photographer

I've had the baby. How do we book the session?

First bask in the glory of this new baby coming earth side. Announce the news to your family and friends and then EMAIL ME! My goal is to get you in for a lifestyle session within the first month of your baby's life.

How long will the session take?

Typically sessions take 1-2 hours in your home. Some of that time is spent just hanging out while baby eats or gets changed. If we are doing a newborn lifestyle film, I add another 30 mins to the session.

What time should we do the session?

Late morning is my preferred time for sessions. I find babies (and siblings) are happier in that time and the light in your home is great for photos around that time of day.

What should we do before you get here?

With in home sessions, I like to do an initial walk through of the house and find rooms with great light. In most houses I gravitate towards the master bedroom, nursery, and occasionally the living room or the siblings' bedrooms.

I can't emphasize this point enough: you don't need to have an immaculate house when I show up! This stage of your life is busy and the stress of learning all the ins and outs of your new baby is enough for you right now. You don't need to be scrubbing toilets or washing floors before I show up. I'm not here to judge your house or your parenting. 

What I do ask is that you simply put away anything you don't want out in photos.

If you have neutral coloured bedding for your master bedroom (white is my favourite), I ask that you throw that on your bed before I come.

Finally, a lot of babies aren't sleeping in their nursery yet when I come for photos. Depending on the light in the room, I often like to shoot in the nursery. Please put a sheet on the baby's crib mattress.

What if the baby needs to eat during the session?

No problem! Happy baby = happy family = good pictures! I often continue to shoot during this time, if you are comfortable with it, or I step away and shoot other parts of your life during this time (siblings, nursery details, etc).

If possible, try to feed baby right before I get there. Don't stress if timing doesn't work out and baby isn't hungry before I arrive. I'm happy to go with the flow.

The baby's sibling is not usually cooperative for photos.

My preference is not to stress about it and force the child to do anything they really don't want to do for photos. In my experience, this usually backfires on us and causes more stress for the family. Sometimes holding a comfort item in the photo or snack helps. Sometimes they just need a break and we can try again when they're ready.

I try to get the first family photo and sibling photos out of the way in the beginning of the session while the novelty of me being there is still fresh. If they're not interested in posing for a sibling photo, we can often find a way to get them to interact in a different way.

Ultimately, you know your child best. Give me a heads up if they need a break or if we need to move onto to another set up.

Jenn Pagnucco Photography Edmonton Newborn Photographer

What should we wear?

My favourite is if families coordinate but aren't totally matchy-matchy. I find neutral/subdued colours look best with my style of photography.

I prefer babies in a neutral onesie and a neutral swaddling blanket. I find that a white onesie and blanket look best with skin tones in photos. 

I caution you to avoid clothing with big lettering on it or large graphics. Thin vertical stripes can create odd effects in video, so please stay away from those if we are doing a family film for you. 

If you're stuck, feel free to email me pictures of your ideas and I can help you pick.

When will I get my photos/film?

My typical turn around time is 4-6 weeks. In busy season (late summer/early fall) it can take up to 8 weeks to receive your final products. The photos will be available for download in high resolution from your online gallery.

If you have ordered an album or any prints, the initial digital album draft will be ready for you when you receive your digital photos. You must approve the design before I send it off for printing. Once the design is approved, no further changes can be made. 

Can I post my photos/film online?

Yes please! The biggest compliment you can give me is showing off your photos and film.

The music I use for films is licensed and may be reposted. Please ensure you post in HD to prevent pixelation/poor quality.

I just ask that if you post, you credit me as your photographer and do not make any alterations to the finished product.

How can I order prints and products from you?

Simple. Just email me or chat with me about it at your session.

I find albums are such a beautiful way to showcase your photos. They are like a storybook of this phase in your life.

I believe in the power of print. Pictures sitting on a hard drive aren't serving you well.

Jenn Pagnucco Photography Edmonton Newborn Photographer




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