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Edmonton Newborn Photographer and Film | Milo | Jenn Pagnucco Photography

Sweet little Milo and his family are adorable. Talk about model family. Their in home newborn lifestyle session and film was relaxed and easy going just the way I like it.


Watch the film below or keep scrolling to see the photos from the session.

One of the most common worries I hear during the initial consultation with clients is that they hope their toddler cooperates.

Let me tell you friends, we got this. I get the stress that comes with wishing your toddler would follow every command and sit quietly waiting for the next directions. If those kids exist, I haven’t met one yet.

My sessions are very “go with the flow”. We follow the kid’s moods. If the sibling isn’t interested in photos and tantrums ensue, there’s no reason to force them. We stop, we let them play, we give them a snack, we give them some freedom. Nine times out of ten, they come back because it’s SUPER interesting when mom and dad are getting pictures. Toddlers get serious cases of FOMO and usually want to be involved again.

I have toddlers at home. Tantrums and a fierce need for independence are part of my everyday life. In my experience, the more we force it, the worse it gets.

Let them do their thing, we’ll follow their cues and I bet you’ll be surprised that we actually get some awesome pictures.

Let me tell you, the best defence is a good offence. Make sure your kids are well rested and well fed the day of the shoot. Don’t plan anything before hand that could potentially tire them out.

Here’s some photos from little Milo’s session who has an amazing and adorable big brother who loves him like crazy.