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Please take some time to answer this questionnaire so that we can fine tune your session to suit you and your partner.

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What's something you really love about your partner? What do you love to do together? What is something you typically do for a date night?
In and around your home? Outdoors? Is there a special place for you that you would like to take photos at? We can anywhere from a pub you frequent to a gorgeous spot in the river valley. My preference for outdoor sessions is in the hour before the sunsets so we can get that gorgeous glowy light. For spots greater than 50 km from Edmonton city limits, there is an extra travel fee. Please keep locations to a max of 2 spots.
What parts of my photography style are your favourite? *
These are the things I will focus on during your session
Pets, your home, things you don't feel comfortable participating in for photos?
Questions about the session? Things I should know before we start?